I had one of those days yesterday. I had to go for tea with an elderly neighbor who is moving into a nursing home this weekend. She is well over 90, smart and funny, but getting confused and no longer able to care for herself or her huge house. I didn’t get in until 5:00 and had to leave at 7:00 for my permaculture group. Bruce had a bee meeting and he needed to be out by 6:15. what a pleasure to whip out a jar of canned stew beef and a jar of mixed stew vegetables, heat it up, add a roux of milk and cornstarch and some seasonings and have dinner on the table in 10 minutes. Talk about convenience food!

I love canning and I am always looking for new ideas. I finally found a recipe for canning nuts. I buy nuts in bulk. They must be kept in the freezer but it takes up a lot of room. Spread the nuts in a shallow pan in 275 degree oven until dry and brown. You have to stir them once in a while. Pack in pint jars and pressure can for ten minutes at 5 pounds of pressure. Do not add water or anything. I have more jars and shelf space than I do freezer space so I was glad to find these instructions.

The permaculture meeting last night was terrific. We are doing plot plans next time. The resources and energy was just what I needed as it was cold and wet and spring seems might far away.