I have a busy week coming up. On Thursday, James Kunstler, author of The Long Emergency and World Made by Hand, is coming to speak at my church. A member of our sustainability group set this up. I am looking forward to hearing his thoughts on relocalization. Like many others, I was first introduced to Peak Oil by Jim. I am hoping for a full house to hear what he has to say.

Saturday is the kick off for the climate conference in Copenhagen. We have planned a big party with cider pressing, a pot luck dinner and a ton of activities to educate people on the impact of climate change on our planet. Again, I hope it is well attended.

I need to find some time to work on my plot plan before the next meeting of my permaculture group. This is going to be a really good group as the people coming are all workers rather than talkers. Our first goal is come up with plot plans so we can be working on garden design before it’s time to order seed in January. I have some ideas about what I want. Top on my list is a better mushroom patch. We are loving the shitakes and harvesting many dozens. I would like to increase that ten fold. We are also planning for what we will have to share. I am doing the research to find out how start asparagus from seed and will divide my rhubarb and have raspberries plants for all. Another member has strawberries for all of us and still another has blackberries. I dislike most meetings but this one is going to be worth the effort.

In addition, our little piggies must go to market. The freezer is ready and waiting.

My final thought is to invite my sister and brother to dinner, serving entirely food produced here at Barefoot Farm. I will use the dinner as my final stab at helping them see the wisdom in prepping some. Futile I suppose but one can always hope.