I know that not everybody buys climate change or the premise that CO2 is affecting our planet but whether or not we agree on the cause, I expect that we can all agree that our planet is in trouble. So days set aside for focusing on our climate, our soil, our food chain, our air, our flora and fauna matter to me. I love the energy that comes with combined action toward a common goal and I love the people who share my passion for protecting the planet. Saturday was a cold, wet, windy miserable day but the day was warmed by friends and neighbors spending time together with a shared agenda. We pressed cider, make applesauce, sang and danced (we have great musicians in this town), a watched a streaming slide show of nature photographs taken in our hilltowns. The barn felt bright and warm in spite of the rain. At the end of the day, we gathered in the Warner Farmhouse to share food and reflections.

Unfortunately, my youngest child, Phoebe, woke up with a fever and cough. I took her the pediatrician and, sure enough, she has H1N1 flu, along with, it now seems, many other kids in her school. The good news is that we treated her with Tamiflu and she bounced right back after only 24 miserable hours. I will be spending the next few days keeping a low profile as I try to keep Phoebe occupied and my contacts with the outside world limited. Not that it matters in a pandemic. It’s everywhere and unless you can stay at home for the next 2 months, you will probably be exposed.

I found a source for smaller storage buckets (4 gallon) that are square and have nifty lids. They are far less expensive than the gamma lids and take up less space, not to mention being easier for me to lift. A four gallon bucket will hold 28 pounds of wheat which is far easier to lift. The company is called FiveStar Preparedness.They don’t have a web site up yet but I have a number, 1-800-734-9596. I am going to order some today and I will give you an update on service and quality as soon as they arrive.