For a tiny town, we have a lot of classes to take advantage of. I have just signed up for 4 new ones and I am planning to put together another.

The first three are cooking classes. One is dedicated to making food gifts for the holidays and I am thinking it will a good one as I am spending less cash each year. The other two are more basic but totally useful. I have also located a full day class on herbal health. We will learn how to prepared tinctures and infusions and also to determine which herb to use in specific situations. This is a subject I know very little about. I just hope I am not too far down the learning curve to make good use of it. We have a lot of herbal experts around here.

Tonight is my permaculture class. We are working on plot plans. I have completed my plan and Bruce got the plot ready. I was surprised at how small the plot is. On paper it looked huge.

I am not sure if any adult education classes still exist in high schools. We used to have a series of classes in things like small engine repair and cake decorating. It is too expensive to keep the schools open for those things now but Bruce still takes a wood working class at a community center. The price is a deal. Only $53.00 for 12 classes and full use of the equipment. There are about 30 offerings of classes and they are always full.

Now might be a good time to think about what you want to learn and what you have to teach. Many of us could use some extra income and sharing skills might be a good way to pick some up. Many churches and community centers have space to offer for nominal fees. Sewing, cooking, home repair, gardening and food preservation are all popular subjects. Our church has offered space for a sewing center and I can picture any number of classes on everthing from clothing repair to making fleece mittens.

As the economy continues to deteriorate, we will be depending more on ourselves (and each other) for things we used to outsource. Acquiring skills is an investment in yourself that will always pay big dividends.