Rumor has it that today’s GDP numbers will show that we are out of recession. Say what? I fear that any recovery is based on cash for clunkers and the $8,000.00 housing gift. I also think any recovery will be short-lived as we run into energy problems. I hate to sound so negative but I still think we are in economic trouble in this country and it is not time to break out the credit cards and start spending just yet.

Financial preparedness is just as important as having food and water on hand. We all know the steps to getting out of debt. It is a no-brainer to keep track of your spending and pay off your high interest credit cards first. But real life does interfere and there are pitfalls everywhere. Let me share a personal story. My daughter asked me to pick her up a black cape for Halloween. I went to a couple of thrift shops and couldn’t find one long enough for her so I did something I nearly never do. I went to Wal-Mart and plunked down $10.00 for a made-in-China cape. Not only did I spend money on something evil but now it turns out Karen no longer needs the cape. Today is one of those days when I will be leaving here at 10:00 and not returning for more than an hour until 5:30 tonight. The pizza parlor looks mighty appealing on a night like this. I have to treat discretionary spending like an alcoholic has to treat a gin and tonic. I have to begin my day by making a committment to resist, at least for today and I will need to avoid the places that are just to tempting for me. Avoiding the pizza parlor will mean that I have to get a meal in the crockpot. I have leftover chicken and lots of frozen vegetables for a chicken stew. Remember those mixes I put up a few weeks ago> The biscuit mix is quite good and I can have biscuits in the oven in about 3 minutes. Not pizza but healthy, quick and cheap.

This is just an aside. I ran spell check before I posted this. I find it telling that canner is not in the computer dictionary but Wal-Mart is.