There are days when, no matter how much thought I put into it, a topic eludes me. Today is one of them. I think I am perhaps still in a wierd place after the Fort Hood attack. I believe it will turn out to be the work of one very disturbed man.  One can not help but think of the families of the dead and injured and hold one’s loved ones a bit closer. I am actually going on a news sabbatical again. I do that from time to time, especially after a spate of particularly violent or troubling stories. The past few weeks have been like that. The stories all seem to be the stuff of nightmares. I don’t need the images and I won’t watch them. I don’t need to be that well-informed.

So a topic has just come to me. A friend suggested this idea a couple of days ago and I think it is a good one for the slightly OCD among us. I often want to start a project but find that I am always missing one major component and the moment is lost. A friend talked about project kits and I put one together. I want to learn to make slippers. I ordered the pattern from a little catalog I have, got the material and notions and put it all together in a bag. Now, if I am moved to work on the slippers, I have only to pull out my sewing basket and the bag and I will be good to go. I got the pattern for making a simple elastic waist pants too. I did the same thing. I put the pattern, elastic, fabric and thread in a bag and now I could make the pants in an hour without a hunt for some necessity. Maybe today is a good day to make the pants. Phoebe likes to wear pants with a non-binding waist and I have some great woollen fabric from a skirt I picked up at salvation army. As my brain does not seem capable of much thought today, that seems like a plan.

I wish you all a happy day. Try to find some joy, some peace, some beauty. The stuff on the news is not the real world. It is a tiny bit of evil. When it is reported to millions, we give it too much weight. It is no less harmful than consuming a toxin. We need to chelate our minds from these images with good books and flowers, with kid giggles and good food. That’s the real world.