I have had a couple of questions about preparing new soil for planting. I have used a sheet mulch with good results. After staking out the plot I want to ready, I cover it with a layer of compost, followed by a layer of wood chips and then a layer of cardboard or newspaper. Wet this well then leave it be. You want this good and thick so no weeds or grass will grow. Left like this for a few months, worms and good soil microbes will go to work and produce soil that is loose and ready for planting. It is the lazy way to do it, requiring little else beyond poking it with a pitchfork on occasion.

Today was lovely Indian summer day with temperatures near 70. I got up early, got the healthy children off to school, got some tea and toast into  “>jackie and set off with Bruce to pick apples. We got two big bushels full that we will press tomorrow. I made some bread and started a big pan of stuffing to have with dinner. While waiting for the bread to rise, I took a walk to the post office for the mail and stopped at Heather’s (faith, fun and family blog)for a short visit. She was working in her garden and sent me home with a gorgeous cabbage. I will put that up as kraut in the morning. Not much else happened all day. I read some and did some laundry and picked up the house. A friend stopped by before dinner and we admired the beets I was cooking. I helped Phoebe with her homework and took a walk with Karen. It was such an ordinary day. Still, I feel so satisfied tonight. I spent time with my kids and my husband. I prepared good food for my family. I enjoyed my friends. My house feels well-tended. I am engrossed in a good book. Just a day. Just a life. Ordinary. Extraordinary.

PS: Thanks to all who contributed to the book list. I wrote them down and will take the list to my library on Saturday. We have a tiny library but we can get whatever we like through inter-library loan. The list will see me through the winter.