My seed order from Richter’s arrived yesterday. This was a double present as it was touching to have Heather remember my birthday with a gift certificate for herbs and so cool to have a preview of summer arrive just as the days are getting shorter and winter is clearly going to arrive, with or without my permission. I spent a totally unproductive hour (when I should have been making bread) just arranging and rearranging my garden to be. I have come to the conclusion that the space is too small by half. I got a lot of seeds.

I did get something productive done today. I cleaned out my kid’s toy cabinet in preparation for donating to the Potlatch. I realize just how much stuff I still have, in spite of my ongoing attempt to make do with less. I swear my useless stuff gives birth to more useless stuff in the dark of the night. I have no idea where some of this stuff came from. I certainly didn’t buy it.

I want to share something I am so pleased about. Bruce is spending Saturday at a barn raising. My son’s best friend has built a barn for his grandparents and needs help getting the walls up  and the roof on. He thinks a group of 8 can do it in a day. I think this is about the best thing I have heard in ages. I think we have gotten used to the idea that asking for help is a sign of weakness. We so value our independence that we would rather pay a stranger than ask a friend for what we need. That is something that needs to change, not just for economic reasons but for preparedness ones. Changing times will require co-dependance. I am not free to ask for your help if you won’t accept mine. While building your pantry, don’t neglect building your relationships with your neighbors. Most of us will never own a doomstead. A community is a much better bet.