I was complaining to my good friend, Amy, about a recurring bladder infection. The next day, she dropped off a tincture of corn silk. You add 1/2 a dropper of the tincture to 1 cup boiling water, add a bit of honey and drink. It is supposed to be good for blader and prostate. It’s too soon to tell if it works on that but it doesn’t matter. Bruce and I love the sweet, corny tea and will drink it in any case.

I will confess that Bruce and I both love our coffee. There are, however, a lot of problems with it. First, in Western Mass, it will never be sustainable. To buy the good stuff, free trade, organic, shade grown, is a financial burden. I don’t really need the caffeine, nor do I need the added calories of the cream and sugar I add to each cup. After a lot of searching, I have come up with several alternative warming drinks that are a lot less expensive, store well and are obtainable in my town.

The corn silk will be added to my dried stores next summer. I have also just signed up to take a class in making tinctures and infusions with a local herbalist. If this is something that interests you, I would strongly recommend Rosemary Gladstar’s book, the Family Herbal. there is nothing quite like it for a cold winter afternoon if you are looking for a slice of summer.

Bruce has also taken to drinking a cup of hot water and honey in place of coffee. I like mine with a tablespoon of strong vinegar added.

I took a cooking class on Sunday night that was so much fun. We learned to make Chai, a kind of spicy, mixed herb tea mix. There are as many recipes as there are tea makers out there. The recipe I have started with a black tea base. I am researching one that does not call for the tea as I can’t grow it here. Of course. I can’t grow most of the spices either but I can purchase good quality, organic, free trade spices in bulk for very reasonable prices. I hope to not ever have to live without cinnamon.

I went to Melonie’s website (you can find it in yesterday’s comment section). Another winner for me with a whole bunch of links to other sites that also look good. I plan to spend a day doing research and then do a post with the links to the truly outstanding sites. One of the things I love about this blog is the diversity. I have the occasional person who drops me because I don’t follow a particular political bent but, for the most part, folks who visit here are pretty tolerant. Thank you for that. BTW. I am looking for lots of other ideas for stocking up on perscription medication. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Check out yesterday’s comment section for a jumping off place.