Be a good girl. Do what you’re told. Don’t rock the boat. I was taught the value of being compliant. That was not unusual for those of us who are kids of the 50’s. We were taught especially to never question the authority or wisdom of schools, physicians or any public official. While knowing how to get along is a good skill, knowing how to resist is another good skill and one that is often neglected.

On Friday, my daughter’s school is going on a field trip to a state forest. I think it’s stupid. It means spending a lot of money on buses and, as they can only be away for a 1/2 day, they will spend the majority of that time on the bus. I can’t see any real benefit to spending an hour looking at some trails that are all snow-covered. Now I could just go along but I am not going to. I plan to keep Phoebe home and send a note to school explaining why.

Our school is always having fund-raisers where they sell goods I would not usually buy. I used to just make the purchase but I don’t now. I will send in a small check for the fund-raiser but will not buy something I that will be just more clutter.

When I am prescribed a medication, I ask a lot of questions. I used to be afraid to challenge doctors but I want to know the side effects, cost and most importantly, is there an alternative (herbal therapies, nutritional support). If the doctor thinks those are stupid questions, I get a new doctor.

There is a lot of information out there about gardens. There must be a book a month that promises to be the final word on the how and when to plant and harvest, prepare your soil and manage weeds. At some point you need to look at your garden and figure out what works for you.

There is a big push to have all farm animals injected with a tracking device. Why do the powers that be need to know the location of every chicken the country?  I plan to resist.

In a crisis, we might be told to do something that just doesn’t feel right. You need to weigh the risk/benefit to going along or following your instincts. Maybe there won’t be a right or wrong answer and maybe the person with the bullhorn really does your best interests at heart. Maybe they are well-trained and know what they’re doing. Maybe not. I plan to use my intuition and common sense.