I never go into a department, dollar or discount store without checking it out for prepping values. I have found all sorts of gems in those places. Yesterday was no exception. While looking for dry erase markers I found a small box of non-electric pencil sharpeners. They were not the heavy-duty metal ones that Lehmans carries but they didn’t cost $20.00 either. I grabbed one, got it home and found that it works like a charm, unlike the battery operated one I have that generally only sharpens one side of the pencil and needs new batteries all the time. It is also loud and irritating. I am so glad to have this new one. I would have preferred a used one form a school but I have been looking for years without coming across one.

Last night was one of awful nights when I got home late after a full day and did not know what to make for supper  that was fast and nutritious. To the prep pantry Batgirl! I fried some corn in a shined cast iron skillet, added a jar of salsa, some shredded chicken (I had this leftover but you could use canned chicken for this dish), a can of rinsed black beans, taco seasoning, sprinkled it with cheese and wrapped it in flat bread. It was really good! If I didn’t have bread, I would have served it over rice. If I didn’t have the meat, I think it would have been fine with just the beans.I woud have added cilantro if I had it fresh but it was fine without it.

A recipe like this goes into my prepping cookbook. I have a couple of good cookbooks for cooking with home storage but I like to keep a log of a couple of dozen go-to recipes for when I don’t want to have to measure or give much though to what I’m doing. I also like recipes where substitutions are easy. Once again, I realized that I need to can some of my beans. I have  about 75 pounds of dried beans but I often use canned beans for the convenience. They are cheap enough but canning my own is  even cheaper and doesn’t put another can in the ecostream. After the holidays, I will have a good chunk of time to do this. I am thinking that I could plan a bean canning day with a bunch of my prepping friends. We can put up beans and test the wine we made last summer and eat cookies. A perfect day.

I have plans to go to a resteraunt supply shpo after Chrismas too. The prices are really good and it is just the place to pick up things like storage buckets and heavy duty glassware. The days of getting free buckets around here are over. I have’t found any for free in months. Maybe lots more people are prepping now.