I had an unusaul day yesterday in that I was alone all day and had appointments or obligations. I had a couple of quick phone calls and a friend dropped by to borrow my herb catalog but, other than that, I had an uninteruppted day. It was perfect for getting to my paperwork, cookbook collection and bill paying station.

The cookbooks were the most fun. I gather up all of those stray pieces of paper and computer printouts of recipes and got them organized in notebook. I even have them in categories. I found a couple that I had been looking for. One is for a zucchini soup that is lovely, even with frozen squash. I had a bunch of the kids old loose-leaf notebooks. Some outdated calendars made pretty covers when the pictures were slipped under the plastic cover and I labeled the spine. I have one for eating from my preparedness pantry, one for recipes from my Cooking With Alice class. one for wild foods and one for the recipes left to me by my mother-in-law. The books are now waiting for their new home. Bruce is putting some more shelves in a salvaged cupboard I have in the corner of my kitchen. That will give me enough space to hold my dried vegetables and fruits. The cabinet I currently use for those will go in the basement and hold Bruce’s bee keeping supplies. I will find an old bookcase to put in that corner for the cookbooks. The place I used to keep them has been rearranged and holds a few kitchen essentials and the bill paying supplies behind closed doors. It was a lot of work but it will function well and it does look better.

On a sad note, I also got out my new appointment book and began transferring January appointments, only to discover that I have a book signing on the 16th and will not be able to attend the NOFA conference. I was so disappointed I could have cried. DH and I were so looking forward to the day. I know that, in the scheme of life, a missed conference is not the end of the world but I still feel that the one girl who didn’t get asked to the prom. Everybody else is going and I want to go too. I am too old to have a tantrum but I sure did stomp around a bit.

To make myself feel better, I cooked. I put together an easy pizza crust and while it was rising, rehydrated some mushrooms and peppers. I sautéed them in a bit of olive oil with onions and some kale and spinach from the green house. Some fresh, local mozzarella on top of the veges and tomato sauce I put up last summer made a cheap, easy delicious dinner. Our friend Tom had given us some excellent beer and that made a perfect accompaniment. Everybody raved about the pizza, I have leftovers for lunch and I did start to feel better. There will be another day and another conference.