Have you ever considered life’s  little luxuries? We all have things we don’t “need” but we sure would miss if they were not available. Can you store those things, come up with a substitute or a less painful way of doing without?

I don’t smoke but if I did, you can be certain I would store several cartons of cigarettes ( or some of that “quit-smoking” gum). Forced withdrawal would not be any fun if you had other things to worry about too. I don’t drink much but I do like a glass of wine or brandy from time to time. I have several bottles of wine in my basement but I also have all the fixings for making my own and I practice a lot. Practice is a good and necessary thing. I have tossed more wine than I have consumed as a lot of it was only fit for the compost pile.

I store chocolate in many forms. I have chips and cocoa and baking chocolate bars. It stores really well although the bars will turn a grayish white if allowed to get too warm. It doesn’t hurt the bar but it looks yucky.

I love my books and I have a good collection of favorites in my library. I have all the Anne of Green Gables, Harry Potter, Nancy Drew and Little house books, along with a number of anthologies, poetry and historical novels for the kids. I have the complete works of Agatha Christie, Sue Grafton and about every gardening book you can think of. Books are my weak spot. I will read the phone book if nothing else is available. The library is my friend and I love living withing walking distance of one. Ours is tiny, only on room, but it suits me fine.

I have a box of Sudoku puzzle books and a good collection of games (my new favorite is Bananagrams) and jigsaw puzzles books. I also have all the supplies for countless counted cross stitch projects.

I store marshmallows and quite a bit of candy, popcorn, pudding and cake mixes. Every time I see an appropriate small gift I pick it up. It will be nice to have some things for the kids should they need a pick-me-up on a gloomy day.

I used to drink a lot of coffee. I cut down to a cup every few days and now drink a lot more tea.  I am a fan of English Breakfast Tea. I have a lot vacuumed sealed but I also have the seeds for an extensive herb garden and I have lots of reusable tea bags. Actually, you don’t need the bags.  I have good luck making a pot of tea with loose herbs, then just straining it into a cup. Coming off coffee gave me a headache for a few days but was worth it in the end. The less you HAVE to have, the easier it is to meet your needs.