So many lovely responses!!! Thank you. I took the day and walked in the sun and had some good conversation with my DH. We went out to breakfast after getting some immunization updates and then went to get groceries. That is nearly not true as we bought almost no food. Primarily, we restocked toiletries and paper products. I think the only food we bought was butter (good sale) orange juice (better sale) and loss leader coffee and Annie’s Mac and Cheese. I am caught up on toothbrushes (we tossed ours after the stomach oozies), shampoo, band aids, laundry soap, dish soap and deodorant.

Bruce and I talked a lot about the future of our garden and orchard. There is so much to consider. The role of permaculture and location and varieties and community.

I finally got to my closets and drawers this afternoon. It feels fabulous to have my clothes organized and repaired. tomorrow, I do a quick run through and the whole downstairs is good to go. At times like that, I do so wish I could make everybody go to a hotel for a few days so it would stay that way for more than ten minutes.