It happens. I went to check out the supplies in my car and found almost everything was gone, used up or used elsewhere and not returned.

On Sunday afternoon, what was supposed to be rain started as freezing mist in our hilltowns. In a few hours the roads were coated with black ice and travel became downright dangerous. The police could not get to the reported accidents except on foot and finally, Rt. 9, the main thoroughfare, was closed to traffic in both directions. The closing left many people stranded in their automobiles. That was what got me to thinking about my own car supplies and how I would have fared had I been the one at the bottom of the hill with a couple of kids and nothing but time on my hands. Needless to say, I will get the car restocked today. Everyone’s needs are different but I can tell you what I consider necessities.

Winter gear: It gets cold outside and I don’t always want to wear my bulky winter clothes ooot and when I’m driving.

Some bottles water, trail mix, raisins and candy   

A book for myself and some activities for the kids

A flashlight

A charged cellphone

Those are just the basics. I hope you also have a care repair kit, emergency flares and a few first aid items. I always have my leatherman, a lighter and few camping supplies as well as a couple of wool blankets, space blankets, rain ponchos, an umbrella and a shovel. I carry several other things but these are good start with. In the summer, I add sun screen, bug repellant and a hat. A box of tissues comes in handy too.

I attended my permaculture guild meeting last night. I ordered Paw paw trees and some rock minerals. The meeting was wonderful. We are signed up for a class on pruning and grafting trees. I am hungry for spring.