I am not a patient person. I put in an order at Millers Nursery and I want spring NOW. The hardy pecans, the butternuts, the highbush cranberries and the plums are not even here and I can’t wait to get them in the ground. As part of my preparedness program, I want to get as many permanent food plants established as I can. Some of these trees will take years to produce and the sooner they get started the better.

I have also put in an order for six yards of top quality compost. My annual beds have in constant use for several years and it’s time to juice them up. The compost will also be incorporated into the new herb beds and the expanded potato bed. I have been reading about nutrient dense vegetables and I have a couple of 50 pound sacks of rock minerals. I am stocking up on cardboard and newspaper for my compost pile too. Raising as much food as we do is a bit more than a hobby. It really is a way of life. I heard someone say that you can tell what you value by looking in your checkbook.  True for me. All of my recent big spends have been on my land and my flannel sheets.

Bruce and I are have big plans for this weekend. My son and daughter-in-law gave us an overnight at a B&B. They are keeping the girls and we are going to a quilt show and then to dinner. We are also planning to spend some time talking about our vision for our land and our family. We will be back home in time for the first sewing circle.