I want to be sure to keep up with preparing for the unexpected, even when my heart is in my compost pile.

I found a link on the survivalblog site today to a company that makes rocket stoves. I have viewed dozens of YouTube videos with instructions for making these stoves that use very little fuel and have a very basic, very simple design. I would urge everybody to have a basic idea about how to put one together. In fact, building one would be a terrific project for a scout troop or youth group. The site I found has a really nice looking stove for $40.00, not a lot of money when you consider how useful one would be if you found yourself needing to prepare meals with no power. The beauty of these stoves is that, with the efficient design, they use only a few sticks of wood or some charcoal briquettes. I think I will order one today. We want to set up a small campsite on some land we own and the stove is small enough to be carted along with us. It will be a lot safer and use less fuel than a campfire, no small consideration if we have a dry summer.

I spoke to my son yesterday. He lives halfway across the country and will not graduate and return home until December. He told me that he and his wife were purchasing three, five gallon gas cans to keep filled and in their basement. If he had to get home, the insurance of having gas available would be a good thing. He was remembering people trying to evacuate after Katrina and getting gas being impossible.

I also found a web site called 5 star preparedness. They have used, food grade buckets for $4.00 with the lids. They are clean but they have been used so would need to be cleaned again before you use them. They are the square buckets (I love them for saving space) and there is an optional lid that flips up. This is a lot cheaper than any other source I have located except free. The free ones used to be everywhere but I am not finding them anymore. I think they are so hand that they are snapped up as soon as they’re available. If you can’t get to the link (I had some trouble) go to Preparedness Pro and get the link there.

Afriend just called to tell me she was heading a smal hardware store downtown.  If you are looking for supplies for canning and cooking, those old time hardware stores are often your best bet. They carry odd sized canning jars and cast iron cook ware at  better prices than I have found elsewhere.