We had our B&B weekend and it was lovely. Good food and no interruptions from phone, television, computer or kids. We actually had time for conversation and connection. We really did nothing special but go to a quilt show, have a nice dinner out and sleep in. We would have liked to go for a walk but the wind was biting and, in the end, we were too lazy.

When we got home, we checked in on a neighbor’s home. She went into a nursing home last fall and worries about her house. We watered plants and made sure the pipes hadn’t frozen. Bruce will go visit her today and let her know that all is well.

Yesterday was our first sewing circle. It was a huge success. I got some pants hemmed and a seam repaired. Karen made her first pair of pants. The good sewers were giving out lots of advice and tips. I feel like I learned a lot and I expect this to be a monthly event. I think people are hungry for the camaraderie and laughter as much as they are for the sewing lessons. I just got home in time to make tacos for supper and then headed out to a chocolate tasting at the Creamery while Bruce stayed home sleeping the recliner and pretending to watch the Superbowl. Altogether, a weekend to remember.

I came home with recipe I have to try. Our appetizer at Hope and Olive’s, the restaurant we went to on Saturday night, was a butternut squash stuffed ravioli with pecan and sage butter. It was one of the best things I have eaten in a long time and it looks pretty straight forward and inexpensive. I think I will make it tonight as I have everything on hand. I don’t have a lot of squash left but I do have some pumpkin.  I wonder if that would work.

This has been quite a weekend around the country. I saw a video of store shelves just before the big storm hit. The shelves were bare and people grumbling about what they couldn’t get. 600,000 people without electricity is reason enough to get prepared, at least for the short-term.