I have only a few minutes this morning so my full post will come later but I did want to respond to a couple of questions that have come this way. First-about the heater. I am no expert on these as we have a propane heater with the tank stored outside and well away from the house but I do store propane cylinders for our small stove inside and I don’t worry about them. What ever you buy, just be sure it is safe for use inside and that you follow all safety precautions such as keeping it away from flammables like curtains and furniture and that you don’t leave kids and pets alone with one.

I had a question from a new reader about keeping food in old margarine tubs. I would not recommend them for anything but short-term storage.  Much as it pains me to say so (I love reuse) but these tubs are not impervious to bugs or moisture. If you want small containers, go with glass. Canning jars can be vacuumed sealed and, as long as they are kept in the dark, are good for storing many things. For larger amounts, the money spent on real storage containers is well spent.