I had a question about candy boards. The bees are my husband’s deal and I will have to wait until he has a couple of minutes to post the answer.  Maybe Heather will post the answer for us. That’s where we got the recipe.

I went to my permaculture meeting last night. Let me just say that there are many worse ways to spend a cold winter evening than sitting in comfortable room, sipping tea, surrounded by some of my favorite people in the world discussing gardens and trees and herbs.

I came home with so much to think about. We talked about a different kind of “three sister” planting. Rather than the traditional corn, beans and pumpkins the suggestion is for Jerusalem artichokes, ground nuts and mint root. The benefit to this planting is that these are native plants (to me in the northeast), the come back year after year with edible tubers and they spread to provide an ongoing source of nutrition and calories with no need for any inputs from me.

We have plans for several field trips this spring. We will be visiting apple orchards and each other farms and gardens. If you are at all interested in growing food, please consider starting a gardening or permaculture guild. The information out there is invaluable and the camaraderie so lovely.

My girls are all home today with a snow day. It isn’t snowing yet but we are hoping for a whopper. I say hoping because we have had only 13 inches of snow this winter rather than the 56 inches we should have had. This deficit will cause major problems with water tables so the more snow the better. Last spring was one of the wettest and coolest I can remember. I am so h oping for a better growing season this year.

I do want to mention how my food is holding up. Potatoes are doing great. I have enough left to get through to spring. The early reds will come along just in time. Carrots are just starting to go. I have enough to get through another 8 weeks I think, at least I will if I’m careful. The onions are doing very well. I won’t quite make it until harvest but I am thinking I will put in perennial walking onion this year so I never have to do without. I have a good deal of garlic left and should manage to make it until fall. Turnips did not hold well nor did leeks. Our tomato sauce was not great this year and we just didn’t use a lot. I need quite a bit more applesauce but the pears and peaches will fill in at the end. I need a lot more dried fruit than i had a lots more canned stew vegetables. I also have to can a lot more chicken and beef.

Keeping a running inventory is so important in my quest to be self-sufficient in food, not necessarily from my land but from a distance of under 100 miles. A dream maybe, but a good one.