Believe it or not, I think spring might be coming. Although it’s snowing today (finally!) there is a feel in the air that is a little different. Just a hint, but it’s not so raw and there is so much more light. I don’t think I can make it to town but tomorrow for sure, I will head in a pick up a couple of bags of potting soil so I can get my Asian greens and some spinach started. I think I can harvest from the greenhouse now and I want to have some started greens to take the place of any I take. I always have soil on hand but I checked the shed and I can’t find the bag. So much for being prepared.

We had a busy weekend around here. DH and I decided to paint the library. This involved pulling all of the books and knickknacks off the shelves and washing the wood work as well as picking out a paint color. We have been married for 37 years. We have endured job loss, 5 teenagers at home at the same time, moving, serious illness and deaths in the family with stoic resolve and unwavering support for each other but picking out a paint color nearly lands us in divorce court every time. Life would be easier with fewer choices.

I made Phoebe a dress this weekend. It came out all right but the fabric is too stiff and doesn’t drape well. Thank goodness I used a cheap remnant and stiffened the pattern with interfacing. I will make her another this week with better fabric. It won’t take more than an hour as the tedious work with prepping the pattern is done.

Lat night, at 5:00 it occurred to me tha Bruce had Men’s group and I had not thought about dinner.  I had some leftover mashed potatoes so I added a couple of eggs, some salt and pepper, grated cheese and a 1/2 cup of flour to them and fried them up. With some of our bacon (more like ham really) fried with a bunch of onions and some pickles and applesauce, I had dinner on the table in 20 minutes. It tasted really good and was filling, nutritious and cheap. I won’t say healthy as the bacon is a bit fattier than is probably good for us but certainly better than a fast food alternative. I say that like fast food is an option. I’m a solid 35 minute drive to the closest drive-through. Not so fast and with 2 teenage girls ar home, certainly not cheap either.

This felt like a weekend where I did a lot of thinking about preparedness. A simple thing like soil is vital for me if I want to get my plants started yet I let it slip. A meal that can be prepared with what’s on hand matters. How many times do you need to eat but can’t even think about what to prepare much less have the ingredients on hand. That’s why the notebooks are so important. I am definitely putting the potato pancake recipe in my emergency food folder. I have everything on hand and it can be prepared on the stove top. I am thinking that without the bacon, they would be good with fried eggs too.