I am going to take one post to answer some questions that have been posed to me. First about sewing. One dear reader offered to give me sewing advice if I needed it. Apparently, she has a spy somewhere around here and has seen some of my home-made creations and knows just how much help I could use. I am a so, so sewer. I can mend and repair and I can pull off a simple pattern if I’m not fussy about the results. I have a sister with three machines, a dedicated sewing room and scissors that cost as much a my first car. She makes men’s suit and bridal dresses. I think the intimidation started early and never let up. I will never be a good seamstress so advice might just come in handy. Thank you.

As for interfacing the pattern. When I open up a pattern, I lay it on a sheet of fusible interfacing and iron it in place before I cut the pattern pieces out. This adds considerably to the cost of the pattern but it also makes it indestructible. This is a real plus if the pattern is one I plan to use over and over like the one I got to make Phoebe’s summer clothes.

I had a question about potato storage. I wish I could help. I really know nothing about storing root crops in hot climates. Maybe it can’t be done and you will just have to suffer along, eating fresh tomatoes and garden lettuce, green beans and eggplant. Every climate has its plusses and minuses. I always think it’s best to go with what works rather than kill yourself trying to achieve the impossible. I tried to grow broccoli in my green house this winter. I have some very nice plants but of course, it set no flower heads. I have to eat it frozen or do without. Now that’s an idea. I know it’s not the same but potatoes can be dried and the results are supposed to be good. I have not done it as I have no trouble storing mine but it’s worth a shot.

I have been having trouble with spam. I keep getting what look like regular comments but turn out to be nothing but advertisements. I delete all of them but an occasional one could slip through. Let me know if you find one so I can edit it out.

So many of you have wonderful sites of your own. I don’t have as much time as I would like to visit each of them every day but I do take the time to catch up when I can. This is the most talented bunch of people. I wish we were in charge of things. We would be amazing.

I am headed out early today. I want to get to the thrift shop and look for picture frames. Bruce finished painting the woodwork yesterday and will paint the rest of the library today. I have a lot of pictures to hang and I need some new frames and mats. A lot of the pieces are counted cross stitch and quilted wall hangings that I did or paintings from friends. I never have enough frames. I hate the plain ones I can pick up at discount stores and I’m way to cheap to buy expensive, new ones so the thrift store works. I have a square needle point piece I just finished and I want to give it a frame that will show off the stitches.

I want to add a warm welcome to newcomers and a thank you to my faithful readers. I begin each morning with a cup of tea and this site. There are worse ways to begin my day.