This will be quick as I am waiting for my power to go out. We have a good foot or so of heavy, wet snow on the ground and it’s still coming down. It is a good feeling to know that the systems are all in place.

Water: enough for 10 days of regular use from the town supply and not electricity dependent. After that we can haul it.

Food: plenty of good stuff to eat

Heat: non-electricty dependent heat for several weeks if we keep the temp low (60). Then we could switch to wood.

Cooking: lots of redundant systems

Entertainment: not a problem although the teenagers might get on my nerves

Medical: good for three weeks but then I would be in trouble. I have a daughter who is medication dependent and her meds are not something that I can purchase. It is heavily regulated.

This is just a dry run for us. It feels good to be so well prepared, especially as we are expecting a lot more snow this week. The only terrible thing for me was missing my permaculture guild meeting last night. I need me a seed fix.