We were prepared for the worst here at Barefoot Farm with the heavy snow that was dumped on us but that didn’t happen. Although the power stayed on and we didn’t need the preps I am glad to have had a chance to do the dry run.

We expected to be housebound for a few days so here are the steps we took.

We topped off all of the gas cans and cars. Bruce got out the snow blower and made sure it was ready to go. We recharged all of the small electricals like the cell phones and Phoebe’s feeding pump. I did a run to the pharmacy and refilled the necessary prescriptions. We made sure the dishwasher was empty and the laundry was caught up. I cooked a couple of meals and got them in the refrigerator. It is easier to heat up a casserole than to start from scratch. We had just had a propane delivery so that wasn’t a problem. That was pretty much it.

One of the things about being prepared is that so much of it should be a part of every day life. The cell phone should always be charged. The flashlights should always have good batteries. You should never get behind in every day chores. It feels good to know that there is food ready to eat and that you can be warm and comfortable. I did need to make a quick run to the hardware store and buy a couple of snow shovels as we needed the girls to help with moving all that snow. We live only a couple of doors from a terrific little hardware store so it was easy enough to grab them but I should have seen to it the day before.

We are expecting a bit more snow this week. In Western Mass, a bit is something between to little to measure and 24 inches. I think I am rooting for the dusting this time.