I don’t know about anybody else but I am feeling a real urgency to get on with all of the things I want to get done this summer. The news is getting no better, certainly not for the unemployed. I just don’t understand the thinking that believes we can run a country with no jobs and no real productivity. I see the price of oil creeping up and I know what this translates into for families on the brink already. It means they have to choose between food and rent, food and heat, food and their credit card payment. Lots of times food loses, and certainly good food loses. It is no surprise that, for me, production of food is the priority but not the only thing I need to see to.

On my to-do list:

Learn more about the bees. Bruce is the bee guy but I need to learn how to make the best use of the honey and the wax. I made some muffins this weekend and swapped out some of the sugar for honey. I need to do more of this and try some out-of-the-box stuff like pickles using honey instead of sugar.  I do wish I liked mead. I just don’t.

Increase my garden area.  I am out of corn and very low on onions. The peas are long gone and so is the cauliflower. I have room to store a full year’s supply of all my vegetables and that’s  the goal but I need to double the space I currently have in production.

Increase the orchard. I have several trees on order but I want even more.  It will be years before I hit a good production level. I better live that long.

Get a  good bunch of mushrooms going. I have a lot shitakes and I could quadruple what I grow and still not have enough. I want a morel patch and a shaggy Maine patch too.

I need to call the contractor who is going to measure our windows. Bruce is planning to work with an expert for the first couple of windows then do the rest himself. We also want to increase the insulation in a couple of cold spots.

We need to order our chicks. Bruce and a neighbor are going to work together on the coop and split expenses and work.

I want a source of local milk. Local to me means I want to get it within walking distance.

Begin the process of finding outlets for some of our produce.  We will have honey to sell as well as fiddleheads and raspberries. I am thinking I should ask what local stores and restaurants want to buy and make sure I have enough of that planted to meet the need.

I want to do one more thing that I think is really important. I need to keep a log of where I’m driving, when and why. I am putting way too many miles on the car. It never feels like I am making unnecessary trips but I am certain I can cut my miles down considerably if I plan better. I would love to get to one trip to town a week and one further trip to work. I only one day a week. Unfortunately, The job, although perfect for me in a lot of ways, is a 35 minute drive in a direction I don’t go for any other reason.

I opened our last bottle of dandelion wine this week. It was really good and I want to make a lot more wine this year.

That’s it for me. What do you all have on you list?