After I posted yesterday, I had a lovely talk with Heather from Faith, Fun and Family blog. We were chatting about a number of things from plans for the summer to losing weight. Heather is a good deal younger than I but, as is often the case, is still often  to pass on a bit of wisdom that one would expect from someone much older. We were talking about our challenges and she wondered if I set the bar too high for myself, so high that I was doomed to failure.

This really got me to thinking. I read a lot of blogs. So many of my readers here have blogs of their own and one of rewards for finishing a loathsome project is to sit and catch up with some of my favorites. I am generally just blown away by what so many of you accomplish. It is moving to read just how passionate you are about the things that matter to me too; things like protecting our planet, protecting our food, protecting our families. We have different ideas on things from religion to global warming but on the big picture, we share a world view. It is easy for me to get down on myself about what I don’t get done. Chilichews is way more diligent about reducing her energy than I am and I feel a pang of guilt when I read just how much she accomplishes. There are better cooks here, better money managers, better gardeners, better everything. I would love to harness the energy and knowledge available on this one site. I really think we could change the world. For that matter, I think we do change the world. This does not alter the fact that it is all too easy to feel like a backyard skater at the Olympics; way out of my league.

What Heather reminded me is that we can only do what we can do. We have different constraints. Finances, location, family support and buy in, all impact how much we can realistically get done. I spent 5 hours at the ER last night with my foster daughter, Jackie. She was having a great deal of stomach pain and it’s not like to complain. It tuns out to be a torn muscle (thanks to helping us shovel 3 feet of heavy snow) and not the ruptured appendix I feared. So today I am tired and frazzled. I have to take my Phoebe to Springfield for a doctor’s appointment for 10:30 and it’s an hour drive each way, then I have to get Jackie to an appointment in Northampton for an appointment for 3:45. I won’t get home until 5:30 at the earliest after having spent the day in the car or in waiting rooms. You can imagine what my mood will be like by dinner time. I have a choice here. I can kill myself and put a lovely meal on the table or I can treat myself with the kindness I would certainly extend to others. This is the kind of day they make take-out pizza for. The world will not stop spinning. My kids won’t suffer irreparable harm from a pepperoni pizza. I won’t go broke from the $25.00. There. I feel better now. Thanks Heather.