I spent Monday planting seeds that were a gift from Andrea at Chicky-bit-run. She sent them when I wrote about losing my tomato crop to late blight. I planted what I needed then brought some over to my friend and neighbor, Heather (Faith, Fun and Family). She will use what she can and give me any left over. Those will find a home in my permaculture guild meeting tonight.

Community has a way of spreading. I joined the local sustainability group after learning about peak oil a few years ago. That group has morphed as groups are apt to do; the permaculture guild, the sewing center, the climate change bunch, the doomer types have all spun off from those first meetings. We have grown and changed and found new passions and new interests but we remain community.

The hardest question I get is the one about finding community, especially among your own family. I have given my thoughts about it but it occurs to me that I have been missing one important element. Sometimes, you have to forget the support, let go of the need to be approved of and just do it. Buy the canner, replace the petunias with blueberries, learn to make bread. Just do it. Today. If nothing goes wrong, you will still have blueberry jam on homemade toast. If things do go south, you will have blueberry jam on homemade toast. A win-win.

Today, I am going to pick up a globe for my hurricane lamp (Phoebe broke one). I am also planning to clean out the first aid cabinet. What will you do today?