We are approaching the spring equinox. It is the time to get serious about growing food if that’s in your plan. Your Alliums and Brassicas can be started as well as some of the warm season crops like tomatoes and peppers. Your seeds need to be ordered or purchased from a good supplier. If you need soil amendments, gets those ordered as well.

Today, I am getting out my seed flats and washing them well, then air drying.  I want to prevent any disease that may be lurking in used pots from infecting my starts. My seeds have been organized but I realize I made a mistake. When I put in my orders, I did not keep a log of everything I ordered and from whom. Now I’m left trying to remember. How many sweet potato slips did I order? I think 25 but I’m not sure. What about scions for my apple trees? I am pretty sure I ordered some but what kind? I know I ordered onion sets and seed potatoes but I how much and what varieties? A mystery to me. I have the best of intentions but life intervenes.

It seems that everyone is feeling spring fever. My calendar is crowded with events, workshops, conferences and meetings. I am having to pick and chose between some wonderful things. There is a local food festival in Williamsburg that I would love to attend but it is the same day as a tree pruning workshop I signed up for months ago. Both are on the same day a friend is hosting an open house for her new greenhouse. I am attending a master gardener conference in two weeks as well. We have movie nights, permaculture guild meetings, field trips to member’s homes and  orchards and work parties to attend. Add this to a workshop, couple of concerts and 2 pot lucks and you have a very busy schedule. I’m going to have to get picky as I don’t do well with too much on my plate.

I have to apologize to a couple of readers. I was asked to respond to some questions but when I went to find them, I drew a blank. I just can’t remember what post title they were filed under(so much to remember, so little brain). I recall that one was about food storage containers and a problem with them splitting. Could the poster ask me again, please?

The sap is running in Western Mass. The air smells wonderful. I am stopping by the sugar house up the street and getting my years’ supply of syrup this week. I know I could spend a lot less money and buy a couple of gallons of generic syrup but what would this mean?I would be supporting a food conglomerate, using a food-like substance with questionable ingredients and consuming a bland, inferior substitute. I would rather spend the money to support a local business and eat the real thing. We don’t use a lot of syrup in any case. I can get through the year on one gallon for me and smaller containers to send to my kids who live in non-maple tree parts of the country. $50.00 dollars seems like a small price to pay for that. Next year, we should have our own sugaring operation running and this will no longer matter.