I have lost my good tweezers. I have some, but the very nice, incredibly fine pointed, perfect-for-getting-out-splinters pair is gone. They will probably turn up at some point but for now, I need them and they are nowhere to be found. This got me to thinking about the list of 100 things that disappear that has been floating around the internet for several years. It is a list compiled by someone who lived through the seige at Sarajevo of the things that were most missed as supplies were blocked. It got me to thinking about my own list. What are the things I must have that I can easily get duplicates of, even triplicates and would miss if unavailable. I have done this list before but we have a lot of new readers (welcome!) and I want to revisit it.

My list would include tweezers, as well as nail clippers and emery boards.


cotton balls

a deck of cards

rubber bands

paper clips

shoe laces

notebook paper

pens and pencils

sticky notes

thumb tacks

cup hooks

tiny nails






dental floss

common pins

safety pins


white thread


hair ties

bobby pins

pipe cleaners

This is a six-o’clock-in-the-morning list and I am sure that I have left out lots of good stuff. Today, as you think about what you can do to prep, pick up a few of those little things. The dollar store will have some of it but for a few things, you might be better served spending a few dollars more and getting something of quality, like tweezers, assuming, of course, that you don’t lose them.