Finally, the grass around the house is visible, well mostly, and while it is still pretty wet and mucky, I still plan to do a walk-a- round before I come up with a list of chores to tackle for the spring. This is the time to do it, before the garden demands all of my attention. When you are giving your house the once-over, here are some things to keep in mind.

Water: It’s the single biggest enemy of a house. Look to see if you have any running where it shouldn’t be. We have a spot where water seeps into the basement and DH has a plan for a rubber membrane and drain system to divert it. It will keep the basement drier for sure. I also want a rain catchment system this year so I am on the lookout for roof lines that need gutters replaced, repaired,cleaned or installed and spots to put rain barrels. We have plenty of water here in the Northeast but that does not excuse wasting it.

Security: DH put in one motion sensor light near the shed but we need another near the driveway and a third by the other shed. We also want a light at the end of the walk to the front door. We have not had street lights in town for a few years. My girls often attend functions at the Community House, kitty corner ot our house and walk home alone. If there was a light in that spot, they would be able to see around them the whole way. We have large, flat-topped bushes under the windows. It would be impossible to get to a window without standing on one of the bushes.

Food possibilities: Less lawn, more food. I really need to get serious about this. I have lots of room so its easy to let it slip but lawns are a monoculture and lacking diversity. One of the problems we face here is that Bruce and I came late to the party and had already established a home with lots of lawn and ornamental flower beds. Bruce does all the work on this and he loves it. I need to remember that his happiness is more important than another bunch of raspberries bushes.

Energy Efficiency: I am always on the lookout for  ways to save. Wind breaks and solar gain are what I am looking at.

General Maintenance: Besides my family, my home is the only thing I have worth dying for. It is more than just shelter from the storms. It holds my soul. Keeping it in good condition is not really a chore. It’s a labor of love.