I have long wanted to learn how to prune and graft fruit trees and was delighted to join with other members of my permaculture guild yesterday to be taught by a master. It was a terrific class and I can’t wait to get busy on my trees. I have an old crab apple tree that should be perfect for grafting with some new stock. The only dilemma is that the crab apple tree is inside the bee fence. The warm weather has gotten all of the hives busy and I don’t expect they will be at all happy to share their space with me. I can’t really envision grafting in a bee suit but I may need to try. I will at least wear the hood.

The class took place in an eco village. It is a beautiful and remarkable place. I will confess to having a moment, talking with these people who are so committed to reducing their reliance on petroleum and further committed to growing food. I could see myself living in such a community but we are so established in our little niche right here and I am far too old to start over. These places are also expensive. By biggest complaint in fact is that most people are priced out of the big-ticket items that would do the most to reduce their carbon footprint. I had so hoped that some of the stimulus would address that. I know there are tax incentives but families who are struggling to make ends meet can’t come  up with the upfront costs and many don’t make enough to itemize their taxes anyway so a tax credit doesn’t help. I guess we will keep on keeping on, doing the little things like weather-stripping and insulating as we can but it is really unfortunate that energy efficiency is not a priority.

I forgot about Cheap Food Friday. I will owe you a recipe.

Can I just tell you that my stupid cat has a mouse. We got a cat because we wanted a good mouser. I think old Rascal is trying to invite Mickey Mouse to over for a play date. He certainly isn’t planning to off the little  bugger. They are literally sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor looking at each other.