I know. This should be a recipe day but something occurred to me yesterday and I don’t want to let the moment slip away.

Every morning, I do a quick run through of some sites I really like. The King of Simple has a good essay every week day. From there I check out Prudent Home. He doesn’t post often but when he does, there is usually some good info. Yesterday, I found an older post that had a link for building a nifty solar oven for less than six dollars. The link included the diagram for cutting the cardboard base. I really want to try out the oven so I bookmarked the link. Than got me to thinking about rocket stoves. There are some excellent diagrams for building these stoves from sizes as small as a #10 can up to HUGE! I have some of these bookmarked as well. The benefit to both stoves is that they use little or no fuel and can be built from stuff most of us have hanging around and by people without engineering degrees.

This got me to thinking about all of the information I have bookmarked in my computer to be downloaded if needed. How silly is that? If I need a rocket stove, I sure as heck won’t have a computer or a printer. I spent some time yesterday downloading a couple of things I know I will want and will finish up today. Included are the directions for making a Kearny Fallout Meter, some other stove designs and some food storage facts. I want to be sure I copy things as I find them. I just can’t trust my memory.

My greenhouse has exploded! We are eating broccoli, salads with lettuce, carrots, spinach and tat soi. I just dug up my first Jerusalem artichokes yesterday. They are crispy and beautiful. I can’t decide between eating them raw in a salad or cooking them as a side dish. The salad sounds might good.