I went looking for some jam in the big cabinet that holds my home canned food and found PICKLES. Okay, not good on a popover but still, I was pretty pleased as I thought I was out. I found eight jars of beets, beets and cabbage and some mixed whatever pickles. I even found a lone jar of bread and butter pickles. I will use a couple of jars for Easter dinner and save the rest to dress up an otherwise bland meal.

I plan to do a lot more pickling this year . Bruce went to a bee meeting at a commercial farm last year and this guy had a field full of cucumbers left after the harvest. They were free for the gleaning and I ended up with a couple of boxes. This year, I am growing many more but will be open to taking leftovers too. We love bread and butter pickles. I never have luck with dills. They always get soft on me. I like kraut, especially jar kraut which is so easy and takes up little room. My big winner this past year was mixed vegetables. I like to pickle those things that might otherwise get wasted.

I am thinking about all of this because we are planning  our garden space. It occurs to me that, for all we grow, we still buy more than I wish we did, especially this time of the year. If the EOTW happened in October, we would do pretty well but if it happened in March-well-not so much. I have quite a bit of commercially canned food but we would still be nutritionally deprived until the garden began to produce. Tonight, we are having flat bread stuffed with black beans, salsa, corn, lettuce, cheese and diced tomatoes. I have some yogurt to top it with. I am making the beans but they are not home-grown and the salsa and corn are commercial (all my home-made stuff is gone). The yogurt is commercial. Even the flat bread is store-bought. Maybe it’s the gloomy weather, the gloomy news, the head cold that goes on forever, or just the ennui of not eating my own food. My get up and go has got up and went.

What I need is to find some fiddleheads or ramps. They should pop up soon as the weather is warming up fast. Too fast. It is hard to hear city people going on about the lovely, early spring. They do not get the relationship between weather and food. If things like apple trees bud out now, we will have no apple crop. People who rely on store-bought will not realize the damage until September when all that’s available is expensive, mealy stored apples from someplace far away.