I have a to-do list that is getting out of control. Prepping is a lot about prioritizing. I wanted to spend the day at a farm where one can work and get paid in plants. It sounds like fun and a good way to learn from an expert gardener but we have our own seeds to start, the garden to lay out, the chicken coop to get built and we need to get the measuring done for the new windows. I have to go to town, plan Easter dinner and start organizing my bedroom in preparation for painting it in the next couple of weeks. As the weather is gorgeous, I also need to wash sheets and get them out to dry.

Well, it won’t all happen, will it? Here’s what matters, Wash the sheets, lay out the garden beds and start the seeds. Bruce will get to the coop tomorrow. I can go to town first thing in the morning.

A programing note. I am cutting back to three posts a week for a bit. I will Post on a M-W-F schedule for the summer. I am hope for some guest posts and I plan to add pictures too. Let me know if you have a topic you want to explore. The sun is shining. Seize the day.