I know. I was not going to post so often but what can I say. I just to write about my ramps. I went dow to the stream to get them in the ground yesterday. I carefully pulled aside the leaf litter in just the right spot to keep the seedlings happy and I found—-ramps! A whole bank of them. I still planted what I had-no point in wasting them-but it just goes to show. Mother Nature knows best.

I went for my annual physical yesterday. All is well. So well in fact that I am going to try to wean off my high blood pressure meds as my walking regime seems to be paying off. I got a bunch of shots too. I know that not everybody is in favor of them but I am glad to be up-to-date on tetanus, diphtheria and whopping cough. I also got a series of exercises to do to address the problem I am having with my aching back. I also got the confirmation I was looking for about the need for vitamin D for those of us in the sun deprived Northeast. Altogether, I felt it was a non-invasive, non-pill popping, non-specialist kind of visit. If things were to shut down, I would hate like heck to get sick or be incapacitated from pain when the solution is easy prevention. Next week, I am off to the dentist for my 6 month cleaning. My insurance will not cover it but I fell that it is money very well spent.

Today, we are going to get the taxes done, then we are stopping at the farm supply store for a few things. I love the farm store. They have a great canning section with a gorgeous stainless tell canner that I crave. If the taxes go well, I may be coming home with my treasure.