On days like this I am reminded that I’m not 211 anymore. My arm was already sore because of the shots I received for diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus on Wednesday.  Then yesterday, we got the peas in and, just as I thought I could relax withe a cup of Earl Grey, I got a call that my plum trees had arrived. I knew it was going to rain today and I wanted to get them in the ground. Even though our soil is a rockless and easy to dig, ‘s still a chore. The aches diminish somewhat when I see those healthy little trees.

Planting the peas was a bit of a production. Bruce and I first dropped some metal stakes, then added a vinyl, covered livestock fence. Then Bruce dug up raised beds. I worked some nutrient dense rock mineral into the soil as well as some compost. I made divots with the handle end of a hoe and added a pinch of pea inoculant with each pea before tramping down the soil and marked the rows. I left watering to Mother Nature as we were expecting rain in a few hours. Then it was on to record keeping. I planted  three kinds of peas; Laxton Progress, Green Arrow and Caselode. The Green Arrow are older seed and I want to keep track of planting dates and determine germination rates. I also want to keep track of productivity.

It may seem like we go overboard in preparation but our garden is not a hobby. We eat out of it year round and we will only get a crop as good as the we put into the ground.

In spite of the rain, my permaculture friends are headed off to a local nursery where they swap labor for plant credits. Bruce gave me a list of some trees he wants. Quince, forsythia and Kuosa Dogwood are things we want as we continue with our efforts to make Barefoot Farm both beautiful and productive.

On a final note; While planting the plum trees, I sliced my hand on a piece of broken glass. It wasn’t a serious or deep cut but it was a dirty one. I washed with hot, soapy water, flushed it well with warm water, then gently debrided it with a surgical brush until it was completely clean, added a bit of antibiotic ointment and bandaged it. This morning it still stings a bit but it looks pink and healthy. I  am a stoic about a lot of things but in this era of resistant bacteria, I take no chances with cuts like this. Make sure your first aid kit is stocked and ready so you can take care of minor injuries before they become major problems.