I was telling some friend I had not seen in years what we are doing on Barefoot Farm and these were some of the responses:

You aren’t really putting in Butternuts, are you? They grow like crazy and will be dropping nuts all over the place. We cut ours down.

You can’t be serious about bees! They’ll be all over you flowers and you won’t be able to sit outside.

Raspberries are a terrible plant. It spreads all over and you will be forever digging it up.

I thought about asparagu but it takes 3 years before you can even get any to eat.

I would not even consider growing mushrooms. What if you got a poisonsous one mixed in?

My answers? Well I hope there are nuts for me to pick up. Bees all over my flowers is actually the point. I love it when my raspberries spread. I have a larger patch. Nothing that grows out of an innoculated shitake log is going to kill me.

I am always surprised by what one considers a hardship and another considers a blessing. It’s also pretty interesting how disconnected many are from relationships. For instance. One of the folks I was talkiing to was saying that the high price of gas didn’t really bother hime as he lived only a mile from his work. In the next sentence he complained about how high hi grocery bill was, not getting that the food had to be trucked in from California or flown in from Chili and kept cold for the trip. 

 I’m spoiled. The friends I see every day get it. We are all growing food and reducing consumption and concerned about the future of our economic system. We recognize the value of community. The folks who read this blog and leave comments are the kind of people I spend my time with. Then I step out of my immediate circle and realize that we are in the minority.

So thank you. Thank you for giving me a place where I can talk about my passions to an appreciative audience. Thank you for reading and responding and doing what you all do every day. It’s raining today. I am so grateful as the earth is parched and my peas and trees and bushes and vines need it. I will spend the day cleaning out my pantry and baking ome bread. It’s a soup night. I have a chicken carcass to use up and some root vegetables that have seen better days. All of you know that I do not consider this a hardship but a blessing.