What if you knew that you had only 2 years before your life was going to undergo a dramatic change? Not a power outage kind of change but a permanent power shortage, really expensive food, gas rationing kind of change? What would you do today to prepare for that change? Would you still live where you still live where you live? Would you still work where you work? How would your spending change? Your travel? Your investments in your community?

I just looked at the charts on projected oil output and usage from the EIA and I fear that may be the case. By 2012, there will be a gap between the energy we have and the energy we need that does not bode well for average families. This shortage will not be helped much by storing food or buying a camp stove. It is a situation that will demand lifestyle changes that  have to be started now if you are going to avoid the worst of the dislocation. Please don’t wait to find a way to grow food. Don’t wait to get your house insulated or to buy the new windows. Start the community garden and raise some chickens with your neighbor. Eat locally (this one is really important). Find out where your water comes from. Buy the water filter and the rain barrel. Download the directions for the rocket stove and the outdoor oven. Start a relocalization group. If you live in the suburbs and can’t grow food or walk anywhere, get out.

Do I sound alarmist? I am. Energy depletion is no longer a distant maybe but a here and now. It will affect you  and your children. It is too late to make plans. The time has come to take action.