It was Bruce’s birthday yesterday and all available kids and grandkids made an appearance. It was noisy and busy with lots of food and laughing. Bruce got a new recliner from the kids (his old one is pretty awful and no longer returns to a down position with any regularity so you must be prepared to hoist yourself out, much easier for either of us to do a few years ago and not something you want to attempt in a skirt or with an audience. I gave him a Kousa dogwood tree. We have seen a few around here and they are remarkably beautiful with a bright, orangey, red fruit in the fall. The fruit is delicious and makes a nice wine. I also got him some new drill bits for his shop.

We have big plans for today. The mulch comes off the asparagus, the new raised beds are getting built, and work on the chicken coop will continue. I need to buy some straw for the strawberry bed and finish some weeding. I need to replant a few things too. There are some bare spots in the pea patch and not all of the herbs I started have emerged. With the brilliant sunshine, I am feeling all kinds of spring energy and can’t wait to start my day.

We are taking the kids out of school for a week in the middle of May and  heading to Pennsylvania to visit my daughter and our new grandbaby. I want to do some sight-seeing around Lancaster County while we are down there. We rarely travel and want to make the trip count.

I suspect all of us on this site share the grief of the environmental tragedy in the Gulf. I am old enough to remember the Exxon Valdez and the impact on Alaskan wildlife. I suspect it will be a while before we will hear the phrase, “Drill, baby, drill”, delivered to screams of enthusiasm.