It’s Monday morning, the sun is shining and we had no frost last night. We will still have to check for wind damage to the new trees but at least we didn’t lose the apple blossoms to frost which was our fear.

I got a copy of Life As We Knew It, a young adult novel about life after an asteroid hits the moon and knocks it out of its orbit, causing immediate earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and rapid global cooling. It is a pretty gritty book, not one I would let my 12-year-old granddaughter read, but very well done. There were a few technical glitches. The well keeps pumping out water in spite of no electricity, no one thinks to gather any wild food and the mother insists on boiling the well water, even though it comes from underground and would not be contaminated. Still, this is an excellent post-apocalyptic novel and I am heading off to the bookstore today to pick up the next two books in the series. If you do decide to read it, I would not do so just before I got groceries unless you have a lot of extra money as you may well be inclined to stock up a lot more than usual.

My husband’s family is finally going to sell his childhood home. His mom has been gone for three years but no one really had the heart to let it go. We went over on Saturday night to see if there was anything we wanted. I came home with a beautiful painting and an armload of cookbooks from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. I am having a blast going through them. I must say, folks used to eat a lot of Jello.

It is killing me to leave home (I hate to travel) but my daughter is having a baby as I write this and we are headed to Pennsylvania on Friday. I hope to have some time to visit the Amish country while there as well as spend many hours just rocking my grandbabies. Neddy and her family have just moved to Pennsylvania but the new job has not worked out so they are headed back to Florida as soon as Neddy recovers. The reality of this recession is clear to them. These are both well-educated, attractive, healthy, strong, bright young people who are not afraid of hard work but finding decent employment has been a challenge.  All that is out there are sales jobs that pay on commission.

My son returned home from a business trip to Spain on Saturday. He made it out just before ash plumes shut the airport in Madrid down. That is a crisis that is not yet over. If you are traveling, be prepared for long delays.

I have a friend who is cleaning out some things and offered to sell me a new Vermont Castings stove for $200.00, a steal I must say. I am not sure where I will store it but there si no way I would turn down such a deal. I also just got the stainless steel water bath canner I have been craving. The old canner will be saved for making soap. I really needed a large pot for this and it should not be used for anything but soap making.

I will try to post next week but I may not be able to as we are staying in a hotel and I am worried about leaving my new computer in the room while we are out. We are leaving on Friday morning and returning on Tuesday or Wednesday. My son and his wife and coming to babysit the tomatoes. Andrea from Chicky-Bit-Run sent me some heirloom seeds and the seedlings are the most beautiful things I ever saw. These are the best starts I have ever had, too good really as they are so large they need to be planted soon. I am hoping for some warm weather before we leave. I will be a lot happier once they are in the ground.

BTW, I love the updates on the solar system. I live vicariously through people who are experimenting like this. Please, keep them coming.