I just got some good news. My application was accepted for presenting a workshop on food preservation at the Mother Earth News Sustainable Living Fair that is taking place in Pennsylvania in September. My original interest in homesteading came from receiving a subscription to MEN as a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law 35 years ago. I was further inspired by Gene Logdson after reading his book, Two Acre Eden. I think I paid a quarter for it at a tag sale. I also got a copy of one of the old Storey bulletins on making wine for a dime at the same time. I knew then that I wanted to be good enough at something to be able to write for Storey some day. Not many people can say that their dreams really came true but as I look out over my own little Eden, I must say that mine did.

Now I have the work of putting together the workshop. I will be printing up my handouts and pulling together recipes as well as desgnging posters and coming up with a schedule that will cover all of the basics and still leave time for Q&A. If any of you have any particular tips that make your food preservation easier I would love to hear about them. I am looking for new recipes too.

My guess is that this is going to be a wonderful weekend. We will take the girls with us and Bruce will be charged with keeping them occupied. I am not sure where we will be staying. The fair takes place at a resort and the easiest thing will be to stay there. I sure hope that any of you who live nearby will come (that means you, Kate).

Last night was permaculture night. The plant presented was Arctic Kiwi. I was glad to see it as I have one that has never produced fruit and I learned a lot about what I  need to do to help it along. I need to prune and prune heavily, much like grapes. I am a bad pruner. It causes me actual pain to cut up a healthy plant, even when I know it’s for its own good. 

Today is going to be cool and damp, then we are in for some very warm weather. I have to get in to work but I will be home early and plan to get a lot of plants into the ground this afternoon. I have to stay away from streaming news. There is nothing good going on and it does no good to bite one’s nails and wring one’s hands. The soil, the seed, the chicks, the pigs (the actual pigs-not the nations on the opposite side of the world), these are real. I will get my hands dirty and work until I am too tired to think about oil plumes.