I attended a lecture by Stoneleigh, author of the blog, The Automatic Earth, on Friday. It was lexcellent but I came away with more questions. I follow Chris Martenson too and here are two really bright, well-informed people and one is calling for inflation and the other, deflation. I was discussing this with my friend, Kathy (aka the Peak Shrink) and she asked a really good question. How would knowing this change what you are doing? Hmmm.

I lead a tentative life. Everything I want to do is based on some other thing that is outside of my control. My land runs behind my house and abuts 3 other parcels, owned by different neighbors. In the past, the open field has been hayed by a local farmer. Over the past few years, large parts of the field have been put to other uses. We have the bees and pigs, the orchard and garden spaces and, year by year, the field becomes more difficult to maneuver a tractor through. Rumor has it that the farmer will not hay the field after this year. We can’t let it go; it would fill in and become a young forest in no time. This is happening just as Bruce’s family home is being sold. When it sells, we will come into a bit of money. Not a fortune (he has 8 brothers and sisters) but some. It seems like the time has come to build a barn. I think we could call on all of the people we have helped over the years and get together a work crew for a barn raising so it would be affordable and there would be enough left over for the necessary fencing. We don’t want to over winter animals but there would be plenty of space for a couple of sheep and a big chicken coop. There is even enough room to run a couple of yearling calves. a barn would give us room for a honey processing space, a food processing room, adequate storage for  equipment and expanded cold storage. Maybe we could even stretch a bit and add a second large greenhouse to the south side. Ahhh… to dream.

I am not a financial person. I don’t play the stock market and I am pretty fiscally conservative. Inflation, deflation, who knows? Not me, that’s for sure. As always, I will invest in the things I can control. Myself, in acquiring tools and skills, my house, in making it as comfortable and user-friendly as I can, my friends, family and community, my land.

 I toy with the idea of downsizing from time to time, especially after a day of planting potatoes, when my back aches and I realized I could buy 500 pounds of potatoes for a fairly small investment and let someone else do the work. But when I think “barn” and my heart races, I know I’m not ready to give up this life. My sore back is a small price to pay for the pleasure I receive. Today, i will look over the book Dan lent me on building small barns and let my imagination soar.