I have just finished two days of training to renew and update my certification to teach classes to prospective faster and adoptive parents. The classes were quite good but two days spent in a hot, crowded, too small room with no access to sunlight and only canned air left me feeling sluggish and out-of-sorts. The hour long commute in heavy interstate traffic didn’t  help either. What a pleasure to get home yesterday and just walk in my back field. The air felt so good; birds were singing and the cows giving an occasional low grumble over the fence. I could hear chickens and goats, kids (both human and goat variety) and geese but no mechanical sounds at all. I checked my sweet potatoes and tomatoes, looked in on the bees and finally wandered down to the stream. There, just waiting to be discovered, was a flush of shitake mushrooms. Walking back to the house with my shirt front holding a dozen specimens, I stopped and picked asparagus. I know what we will have for dinner tonight. With eggs from Barbara and Sheri, local cheese and milk from the Creamery, bacon from our pigs and the mushrooms and asparagus, I feel a quiche coming on. I have enough for two so we will snack on this egg pie all weekend.

The other good thing was checking my email. I had some nice emails from Keith Farnish, one from Sharon Astyk and another fron Janaia Donaldson, host of Peak Moment TV. Keith is the author of Times Up, a book I heartily recommend. If you find yourself with some time, look at some of the Peak Moment youtube videos. Janaia has interviewed some amazing people and the videos are well worth the time. I am a particular fan of the permaculture videos. No matter how down I feel, wandering through a garden, even virtually, makes me happy.

On a preparedness note. Driving home on a interstate in rush hour traffic is always an interesting experience. I can’t help but do the “what if” game. What if I had to walk home from here? Would I make it with what I carry in my purse” Am I dressed appropriately? The answers were Maybe and No. The sandals were cute but I sure would wish for the extra walking shoes and rain poncho I keep in my car. (I was riding in a friend’s car). I had my leatherman and lighter but no extra water and no food. I have a well equiped car pack but I don’t carry my pack with me in someone else’s car.

It is another glorious day. We are spending tomorrow getting ready for the first open house on Bruce’s mom’s house. We are hoping for a quick sale. It woud be amazing to get a barn up before snow flies. Contractors are still hurting for work around here so getting a crew together should not be a problem. I’m dreaming of dwarf goats, a big flock of chickens, a few lambs in the pasture, a kitchen for processing honey and canning and a big equipment room.