Okay. So you had a baby or finished up your dissertation or donated a kidney to an orphan or you had some other excuse. Whatever the reason, you didn’t get the garden put in and now it’s too late. Think again. I was in a nursery yesterday and I saw tomatoes and peppers that looked great for $1.00 a flat. Plant the tomatoes deep and you will probable have fruit before I do. The peppers already had flowers on them. Even if you had a lot of green tomatoes-so what? They’ll ripen indoors or make green tomato chutney or something. You can still find herbs and squash and brassicas and all manner of viney things just waiting for a good home. It’s not too late for onions or potatoes either. I have planted potatoes I picked up at the market (use organic as they aren’t sprayed with sprout inhibitors) and had great results. If they don’t have time to get to full size they will still be good eating. Don’t be shy. Make an offer on a lot of flats. The nurseries want them out so they can get in the summer flowers.

We get so bogged down in the details sometimes that we miss the big picture. And the big picture here is food. I am still planting lettuce and green beans and lots of little plants. Every time I see an empty corner, I tuck something in. It’s better for the soil not to be bare anyway. Seeds are cheap so why not?

The progress on selling my MIL’s house is not good. There are too many houses and no buyers as there are no jobs to move to the area for. We are trying to look on the bright side here. The house is large. It has 5 bedrooms and a good, deep yard with a mature apple tree and some very nice blueberry bushes. We are looking at it as a family resource. It can always be a refuge for family members who find themselves in need of one. It can be heated with wood if necessary which is a plus. We have a big family and space is always a plus, even though I would rather have a barn.

On a side note. I have been cleaning my kitchen in preparation for the canning season. I like to start with everything neat and organized. I had noticed an odor from my dishwasher and when I cleaned it out I found a ton of funky crud under the seals. It was a nasty job but I dug it all out and things smell much better. I use my dishwasher everyday, especially during canning season. My jars sit in the basement all winter and are really dusty when I go to use them. I tend to run a full load on the sanitize cycle so I don’t have to use my limited stove space for sterilizing jars. I have made jams without sterilizing jars and ended up with a mold problem.