I made a fatal error. I wrote a post after having just cleaned  up the remains of a yellow throated warbler. In the previous few weeks I had also cleaned  up a humming bird, a bluebird and several other unidentified species. I was sad and angry and frustrated and feeling guilty that I had not been able to stop the carnage.I posted as though I was venting to friends who know al facets of me well without recognizing that I was sounding off to universe that only knows me a few paragraphs at a time. We are, off course, not getting rid of mr. kitty. We are going to make every attempt to keep him indoors although I know it will be an uphill slog with kith and kin in and out all day. We have thought of all of the other solutions (thanks to those who offered them) and this seems the most logical. I am going to take a blog vacation and lick my wounds.

My best wishes,