After a lovely blogcation, I am back, albeit with a reduced schedule.

I have 2 raised beds reserved for beets. Each bed holds two seed packs worth of beets. I have harvested the first of the beds and managed to pickle 9 pints of beets as well as have two good meals of beet greens. One thing I have done differently this year is to be very careful to recycle all of the water I have used for canning and watered my garden with it. We are in the midst of a heat wave and drought here and water is at a premium. I was shocked at how much water I used just to can the beets.

First I had to wash them. Beets take a lot of washing. Rather than run the water down the drain, I washed the beets in a pan. As each pan got dirty, I poured the water on one row of vegetables. Then I boiled the beets. After 30 minutes I had a pot of vitamin rich water. After cooling, it to got poured on a row. Then I had to wash and boil the jars. More water. Next comes the actual canning. My canner is large and takes a lot of water but it takes nine pint jars. Many gallons of water later, I had my beets. In the future I will save all of my cooking canning water.

When it’s this hot, heat is all you feel. We will spend most of the day in the living room with the curtains drawn and the windows shut. I can use the time. I am working on some food preservation classes I’m teaching this summer and fall and there is a lot of computer work to do.