We had a honey harvest at Barefoot Farm yesterday. We were so much more efficient this year than last and far more productive too. It was not a large harvest but we’ll have two runs this year rather than just one. I was also able harvest absolutely beautiful wax. I have not use the wax I have to make anything yet. Learning to use this valuable resource is certainly on my “to do” list. I have vision of putting in some bayberry bushes so I can use the wax the berries generate to make bayberry, beeswax candles. In the meantime, I am just thrilled to have honey for my tea again.

It was my birthday yesterday. My younger girls gave me 4 books. Three were Storey books; Making and Using Dried Foods (Hobson), Recipes From The Root Cellar (Chesman), Put ’em Up (Vinton) and The Conscious Kitchen (Zissu-Potter). I had picked these out as must-have’s for my bookshelf. I will presenting at the Mother Earth News Sustainable Living Fair in September with both Andrea Chessman and Sherri Brooks Vinton.  I am so excited at the prospect of three days spent with like-minded people. There will be so much to learn and absorb. I’m missing my 40th high school reunion for this fair. It was a tough decision for me but ultimately, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me and high school reunions often disappoint. The few people I really wanted to connect with were not going so I feel better about than I otherwise might.

We are expecting a much cooler week. I’m so pleased that weather will be better as my son and his wife will be home for a visit. We haven’t seen Ben and Maggie in over a year. They are young, married students and live on a shoestring. I really want to show them a good time while they’re here. We have planned some hikes,a couple of concerts, lots of visits with family and friends and a good deal of non-scheduled family time. We’ll also be looking at the space here as the plan is for the kids to move here after graduation in april. I’m so grateful for our big house.

The cooler temps will be good for the garden but we could sure use some rain. The critter damage has been considerable this year. We are thinking about the reality of needing to fence the whole garden next summer. At least the copper sulfate seems to have nipped the blight before it took hold. I hated to spray but I really didn’t see as we  had a choice, other than losing the whole crop again.