Here’s the thing about the garden. It has no conscience. It doesn’t care that it’s over 90 degrees and the humidity is soaring. The tomatoes are ready when they’re ready and yesterday,they were ready. The mushrooms keep coming and needed drying. Then I found some beets and carrots that couldn’t wait. The result was 7 quarts of tomato sauce with onions, mushrooms and zucchini so it needed pressure canning, 3 quarts of beets and three of carrots along with two quarts of dried mushrooms. A lot of food but I am so sick of the heat. The kitchen was like a sauna all day. I really want an outdoor kitchen. Before I complain too much I need to remember last summer when blight took all the toms. We caught it early this year and all is well. Gratitude. Remember gratitude.

I wa feeling really good about my presentation for the Mother Earth News Sustainable Living Fair in September when I received the final draft of my presentation schedule. I’m not doing one presentation on food preservation. I’m doing three and none on canning at all!!! I am doing one on acquiring food to preserve, one on using a root cellar and one on drying food. This means I have a lot more work to do as I had not expected this. It’s all good though. I have the information and skills. I just need to get to work on a way to present it in45  minutes that is fun and informative. If you plan to come to the fair, look me up. I would love to meet any of you in person.

I watched the End Of Suburbia with Ben and Maggie after the canning was done. They had not seen it before although they have a good grasp of the subject and of what looms for us. It is a pure pleasure to talk with them. Both are well-informed and intent on planning for an energy constrained future.

Seeds are on sale right now, some for as much as 70% off. I am planning a trip to the Farmer’s Co=op nest week. I have a bit of money set aside to start a very organized seed bank. I plan to pack the seeds in canning jars, suck out the air with my food saver, then store the seeds in the freezer. I have some already. I feel set for beans and peas but I need to get more corn, root crops and Brassicas. I will get tomato seeds too but I know I can save those from year to year. A seed bank is a better than gold in my opinion.