How many Harrisons does it take to put up 10 quarts of  orn?

Well, it took 7 yesterday. Bruce and I pulled the first 3 rows of corn. We put the kidsand grandkids to work and got it shucked in no time. I got it boiled, blanched, cut from the cob, packed in bags and in the freezer in a little over an hour. We have another 10 rows to harvest which should mean I will have just about enough corn to have it once a week for a year, assuming we can eat it fresh from early  July to late September.

The potatoes are next. We are cutting the tops today and pulling them on Saturday.Ttomatoes are looking great as are all the roots. I find myself watching the news and feeling quite pleased about having a full pantry. But for those fold for whom a garden is still a dream, is it possible to fill your shelves without resorting to factory farmed meat and supermarket vegetables? I think it is and now is the time to do it.

Make use of farm stands and U-Pick places for good deals on bulk vegetables and fruits. Don’t forget to check out what grows wild around you. Mushrooms can be dried, berries be can turned into jam and apples can go in the root cellar or be sauced. If you live near a small, independently owned grocery, ask about bulk purchase of meats and staples. I buy my chicken by the case and can it in one long day. Do you belong to a co-op? That’s the place for grains and nuts, seeds and staples like sugar and salt. If you can’t use a whole bushel of beets, find a friend or relative to split with you.

Across the world we are seeing record-breaking heat, drought and floods. This is going to cause food price spikes for sure. If you are in a position to do so, remember your local  food pantry. The elderly, the disabled and children suffer from rising food prices and don’t always have the same resources for making use of local food sources.

I have end with a RIP to one of PO’s ground breakers. Matt Simmons died yesterday. His book, Twilight In The Desert, is a classic in the genre.