The heat has really gotten to me. I just don’t have any energy when the temps are in the upper 90’s day after humid, sweaty day. Still, the work has to get done. Yesterday I started to put away the garlic and got another 23 quarts of corn preserved. Today, I want to begin to pull the potatoes and finish cleaning out the root cellar. Our oldest foster child is also needs to get her car registered and insured. All of the day-to-day stuff is getting in the way of tackling any new projects. But still, I find that learning something new is necessary, just to keep life interesting.

My one new thing is to explore is making use of our bees wax in the making of salves and candles. Bruce made a solar wax melter and we finally have a supply of good, clean wax. I found a web site that had some good recipes but they called for essential oils. Now I have to learn how to make those. What I need to do is take a class. I was planning to sign up for one but the best laid plans….

I guess one new thing will have to wait. It will be old things today. Potatoes and garlic and corn, oh my! I want to make a still and an outdoor mud oven. I want to learn to knit and make candles. I want to make all of Phoebe’s school clothes and decent kraut. But I want and what I have time to pull off are very different things. The dreams however, keep me young. What do you all dream of learning?